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Information regarding Attending WORSHIP Service at FBC Bridgeport

FBC Bridgeport is open for in-person worship. We have longed for this day, but we will proceed with discretion and responsibility.

Please carefully consider these guidelines. We need your cooperation.

1. We will have two worship services on Sundays at 8:15 and 10:15. To comply with guidelines of social distancing, the Worship Center will be considered full at 16 families of up to 4, or 60 total people in the lower seating area. We can accommodate a few more in the balcony if need be. This is true of both services. As a visual aide to help with social distancing, a seating diagram is established. The Gym will be set up as an “overflow” worship area. The service will be live-streamed on a screen and be set up to accommodate up to 80 people, maintaining social distancing. In accordance with the suggested guidelines from TDSHS, we ask that you sit with your family, or the person you rode with, or by yourself.

2. Between services, staff members will wipe down the chairs and the doors.  Please avoid arriving at the service exceptionally early. The staff needs time to wipe down the surfaces.

3. Feel free to wear a mask if you want or need to. We do not mind. We will supply masks, while our supplies last.

4. Feel free to wear gloves if you want or need to. We do not mind. We will provide hand sanitizer.

5. Childcare will not be provided except for staff members at this time, please worship as a family, your child will not be a distraction.

6. Please avoid shaking hands or hugging at this time. We love a good handshake or a strong embrace, but for now, let’s put them on hold. Please give 6 feet of space when walking about. If you fellowship in the parking lot (highly recommended) please maintain 6 feet of distance. Remember, our neighbors are watching us, if they see us proceed with care and responsibility, they may be inclined to learn more about us. This is truly a way that we can pierce the darkness.

7. The service will not end with the typical invitation for now. If you need prayer, or guidance from one of our pastors, please get their attention at the end of the service.

8. The offering plate will not be passed. There will be baskets or offering plates located at the exits where you can place your offering, and you can still give online, or text to give.

9. If you are:       
       a. Coughing
       b. Sick
       c. Chilled
       d. Have any fever
       e. Or otherwise do not feel good, please stay at home and enjoy the service via Facebook, or Livestream.

We look forward to seeing you. Things will get back to normal, let’s just be patient and cooperate until they do.