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 At FBC Bridgeport we have three values that guide the programs that we implement:  Worship, Service, and Discipleship.  


Worship:  Our main way that we worship together is in our weekend Services.  We meet Sunday at 10:15 in the main worship center.


Discipleship:  We have two primary ways that people experience discipleship.  The first is our traditional Sunday morning Bible Study Sundays at 9:00am.


To find out more about Bible study contact the church office at 940-683-4037.


The second form of discipleship at FBC is Community Groups.  They gather throughout West Wise county throughout the week in homes.


For more information about Community Groups come to Grouplink this Sunday!


Service:  The final step in our process is finding a place to serve.  We would love to help you find a place that you'll enjoy and something that you're good at!