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Ages Birth through Preschool

Waumba Land is a safe and secure environment for our birth through pre-kindergarten children so they love their experience from the very beginning. Waumba means “Creator” in Swahili, so Waumba Land means "Land of the Creator". Our desire is for every child to leave Waumba Land knowing that,“God created me, God loves me, and Jesus wants me to be His friend.” We do this by offering childcare rooms and classes where trained and dedicated teachers make your child feel loved and appreciated. Waumba Land is a place for kids to come and grow in their understanding of God and His creation.
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One of the best ways to serve people is to provide exceptional care for their children. Most people are more likely to experience God fully if they trust that their children are in good hands. The opportunities are endless.We currently have a rotation of once/quarter volunteers in our nursery for babies and toddlers on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the church office at 940-683-4037.

Sunday Morning
Because preschoolers are constantly learning, every time they attend a class is considered an opportunity to teach them about Jesus. On Sunday mornings preschoolers attend Bible Study at 9:00 AM and Waumba Worship at 10:15 AM. Waumba Worship is for middle and older preschool children.

Sunday & Wednesday Evenings
Childcare is provided for children ages birth through older preschool by trained childcare staff. Older preschool children are invited to attend AWANA on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 pm