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Life Groups

At FBC, we want people to be dedicated followers of Christ and growing in Christ-likeness. If you’re a follower of Christ, you are His disciple. Growing in Christ-likeness is also called discipleship. While we believe that people can become more like Christ in their personal time with the Lord, we also believe that discipleship often happens through relationship with other Believers. As we are surrounded by other Believers who are also trying to live more like Jesus, it spurs us to live more like Jesus too. Because of this, we want every member and attender of FBC plugged into to a Life Group.

We have many Life Group options. Some are co-ed and others are gender specific. Some meet before the Worship Service on Sunday morning, while others meet throughout the week. Some meet on the church campus, and others meet in homes. Regardless of the format, each Life Group is focused on growing in Christ-likeness.

For a complete schedule of Life Group meeting times and to find out which group is perfect for you, email Ashley Smalley